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We believe good things happen when good people come together for good causes

We know you believe that too
- it's why we’re all here.

You want to create change, spark ideas, and improve lives. We understand. You're used to doing more with less while working relentlessly to raise more money for your mission.

Our goal is to support your nonprofit's team of fundraisers by providing customized strategies based on your unique needs and objectives. We want to help you stabilize budgets, reduce burnout, and create sustainable frameworks that keep your vital programs running year
after year.

Our approach to fundraising is to help you
to build a community as excited about
your mission as you are. 

Meet Us
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Hey there! 

We’re Jessica and Megan and we get it, we’ve worked in nonprofit fundraising for over 20 years and know exactly what it feels like to be doing the work. We remember the deadlines, the meetings, the challenges, and the joy because we did it too. 


Through all the hours of work, a friendship developed, and a strong bond was formed, built on trust and the ability to communicate without saying a word (this is our superpower!)


But, we’re moms too. And we know that is our most important job. So we are committed to supporting each other through life and the pursuit of building the business that we have envisioned for our nonprofit partners. Because isn’t that what we all deserve? The balance and support to be present for our families while making positive change in the communities that we love. 


This is how we formed a partnership for good and Nonprofit People was born. 


We love getting creative and solving problems, making connections, and being part of communities of people who are driven to make the world a little better.  But most of all, we love nonprofit people. Like you. The amazing people who are dedicated to their mission.

Jessica is the creative

I didn’t have a straight path to nonprofit and like many of us, landed here because of a mission that I fell in love with. So to do the job, I learned, watched, listened, and absorbed. 

Trained in design communications, it’s easy to bring these skills to the table when we’re talking about creative solutions to nonprofit problems. Often you’ll find me sketching out ideas and visually mapping solutions for projects. 

I try to put good, even in small doses into the world. When I’m not talking to Meg or working on a project, I’m spending time with my family, and two tripod rescue dogs. I've also taken up oyster gardening as a hobby, helping to restore the Chesapeake Bay's ecosystem.

I have a deep respect for the people who don't give up on the thing that they believe in, the gritty ones who GIVE A DAMN. These are the people I work to support in their causes. I help nonprofit fundraisers find clarity and confidence, and in turn their passion into action.


Megan loves the

My college advisor told me I wasn’t “a nonprofit person”, Okaaay. I dove in head first for a mission that spoke to me working my way through the ranks. My desire to continue to learn and grow led me out of the sector for a bit, and while I learned A LOT, most importantly I learned I was, am, and will continue to be a nonprofit person.


Idealist at heart I want to fix the problems and believe that they can all be fixed. I love data and analyze every angle of a situation to come up with the best solution. I approach each project with the same honest transparency and am a true believer that we never stop learning and growing. 


When I need to recharge, it’s all about quality time whether with my kids, husband, friends, or self. I'm a big fan of family game nights and puzzles (my love of strategy and problem-solving in all things), traveling and exploring new places, good books, and great food and wine. 


We come at our work from opposite sides of the brain, yet complete each other’s sentences. Now, our two-person team has grown to become a team of people who bring a range of talents and expertise to serve you. 



We know that every nonprofit is different.

Distinct challenges. 

A variety (or lack of) resources. 

Staff sizes. 

Growth stages.


Not one is identical. As partners, we consider all of that to offer services that fit your needs. If your organization needs specific fundraising support that isn’t mentioned, let’s chat.

Our goal is to help you navigate nonprofit fundraising with confidence and clarity.

We specialize in:

Assessments and Fundraising Planning

Monthly Giving Programs

Fundraising Campaign Development

Fundraising Coaching




Hey there, we're working on providing you with really helpful and practical resources to support you on your fundraising journey. 

Stay connected with us on LinkedIn where we will share insightful and collaborative courses tailored specifically for nonprofit people.  

Erica Cochran, Director of Development - NurturePA

"We hit the ground running with Nonprofit People. They wasted no time getting to know our organization and rolling up their sleeves. With their guidance and expertise, we were able to take our passion and ideas and put them into motion- seeing real progress along the way.  Nonprofit People not only provided us with the support we needed to think outside the box to accomplish our goals, but they kept us focused and on a timeline.  Jess and Megan bring creativity, knowledge, and opportunity to the table."


Let's Chat

We can help. We’ll work side-by-side with you until your team is ready to run on their own and engage your community. Our goal is to elevate your processes and your fundraising and set you up for future and long-term success. 


This is hard work, but you don't have to do it alone! Reach out to tell us more about what you're working on. We're here to listen, brainstorm ideas, and support you however we can.

We'll be in touch soon!

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