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You believe in
a better world.

We can help.

So let's get to work. You bring the passion. We'll bring the resources to power
your nonprofit mission.

Let's do this!

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Hey there! Nice to meet you.


We’re Jessica and Megan and we’ve been serving nonprofits for nearly 20 years. We started at the bottom, climbed the ladders, moved around to different roles and organizations, and took turns outside the nonprofit sphere. We’ve served animal welfare organizations, human services, the humanities, religious organizations and more. Along the way, we formed a partnership for good. 


Jessica is the visionary. Megan mines the data for insight. Megan manages people and deadlines while Jessica dreams up show-stopping campaigns. We come at our work from opposite sides of the brain, yet complete each other’s sentences. Now, our two-person team has grown to become a full-service team, bringing a range of talents and expertise to serve you. 


Together, we love solving problems, making connections, and being part of something bigger than ourselves. Most of all, we love nonprofit people. Like you. The amazing people who dedicate their lives to their causes. 


We know nonprofit people because we are Nonprofit People. 

Nonprofit people want to make the world a better place, and so do we. 


That’s why we’ve put together the team you need to carry out your mission and ensure long-term success. 



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Nonprofit People are a team of expert planners, strategists, fundraisers, writers, data specialists, designers and public relations specialists who believe collectively in working smarter, not harder.


We bring proven tactics and the science of donor marketing. 

We know that with creativity and strategy, your goals are possible. 


A client may hire one of us, a few of us, or outsource an entire project

to us, depending on their needs. 

Count on us for:

Coaching your Fundraising Team

Annual Giving Strategy and Implementation 

Annual Fund Appeals 
Monthly Giving Programs

Major Gift Development and Training

Capital Campaigns
Grant Gaining Strategies

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Featured Work

Our Approach

We work with nonprofits to help them to raise money and raise the bar.


We get it: between tight budgets, deadlines and program demand, you’re used to doing a lot with a little — and having to do it well because many people are depending on you. But to achieve your mission, each piece of your nonprofit has to function and work together. 


We can help. We’ll work side-by-side with you until your team is ready to run on their own and engage your community. Our goal is to elevate your processes and your donor marketing and set you up for future and long-term success. 


This is hard work. But it can also be fun. That’s what drew you to your cause in the first place! Let’s work hard and have fun together. 


Ready? Let's sit down together and chat!

At this time, we're working with a limited number of clients.

We'd love to learn more about you and see if we're a great fit for each other.

Use the form below to contact us and book a free 45 minute discovery call
to see if Nonprofit People is a good fit for your organization. 

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